Editorial project curated by blisterZine

In the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Giotto painted 40 stories in his frescos. My idea was to remove the entire image from each of these scenes except the golden aureoles that he placed around the heads of his figures. Without an explanatory support, the references to the original image are impossible to grasp. On seeing these sheets, one might think of anything but their true origins.
Francesco Carone

The exhibition (at the Biblioteca Delfini from 12th to 14th September 2014), in collaboration with Galleria civica di Modena, features a volume, published by blisterZine as a handmade single copy, reminiscent of an old celestial atlas printed in a single colour: gold. It features 40 images with the outlines of the golden circles. The discs, laid out on the sheets in an apparently random fashion, are reminiscent of constellations or planetary systems.

The research carried out by Francesco Carone (Siena 1975) starts out from a personal reinterpretation of the universe that surrounds him through which he produces projects and works, but also books and objects. Founder and curator of the project TEMPOZULU, with which for many years he
has invited artists and other figures from Italian and international culture to leave a permanent contribution on the paving stones of the streets of Siena. Creator of the project USB gallery, since 2012 he has been among the organisers of the artists’ residence project Made in Filandia. His works may be found in major private and public collections.