Art Kane, Actors on the film's set Pete Kelly’s Blues by Jack Webb, 1955 © Art Kane Archive

The work of Art Kane is accompanied by voices and images that each shed light on a philosophy of life and of his profession, rendered partly through the audio-video itinerary.
A video testimony by Franco Fontana recorded especially for the occasion: from his evenings on his Velosolex around New York making his way towards Studio 54 to the numerous other chances to meet, both in America and Italy for exhibitions, workshops and events, the memory of a friendship that Fontana defined as a ‘brotherhood of colour’.
A rare television interview by Pete Turner to Art Kane, here translated and subtitled, offers the chance to investigate the poetics of the photographer, describing his work here first hand.
Finally A Great Day in Harlem, a documentary film shot in 1994 in which tens of jazz legends remember the photograph by Kane that brought them together one Sunday in 1958 creating the most well-known icon of the golden age of this genre. Produced by Jean Bach, co-produced by Matthew Seig, editor Susan Peehl, narrative voice Quincy Jones,the documentary film received an Oscar nomination in 1995.