Art Kane, Tom Wolfe, 1981 © Art Kane Archive

Every image tells a story. Perhaps this is the most striking characteristic that comes across as we admire the work of Art Kane, 20 years after his death, in a retrospective presented here for the first time in Italy. With his unmistakeable style, this American photographer, whom Guido Harari, one of the curators of the exhibition Art Kane. Visionary, defines as “the most punk of contemporary photographers,” told the stories of fashion, protest, racism, injustice, war, the imbalances of society of his day, not to mention lots and lots of music, with images featuring figures ranging from the Who to the Rolling Stones, and from Bob Dylan to the great stars of the jazz world.

Thus it is no coincidence that on 25th June a music party, open to all, will mark the start of the show that will remain with us throughout the summer in the exhibition venue of Palazzo Santa Margherita, in Corso Canalgrande 103, Modena. As well as Guido Harari of the Wall Of Sound Gallery, the exhibition is curated by Holly Anderson and Jonathan Kane of the Art Kane Archive in New York, in collaboration with Solares Fondazione delle Arti in Parma.

In close connection with the exhibition, this issue also features a short story by Daniele Paletta, a homage inspired by a world and an era that still smells of vinyl, with notes forming a lively kaleidoscope in which the light reflected is nothing but the purest of illuminated narratives.
The comic strip is the work of an artist, Christian Cornia, who has played around with an iconic image from the history of rock, choosing the complete version, which converses from the lens itself with the gaze of two children.

What’s more, in October, the Galleria Civica will interpret the themes of the Expo in Milan with Daniel Spoerri, dancer, actor, choreographer, artist, performer and lastly funambulist of Eat Art, the theme around which the exhibition organised in collaboration with the m.a.x. museo of Chiasso revolves, to be staged in the two exhibition venues of Palazzo Santa Margherita and the Palazzina Vigarani in the Ducal Gardens. The preview published here reports on the event on display in Chiasso until the next 30th August.