by Stefano Ascari and

The thing that has to listen to the most nonsense in the world in very probably a picture in a museum
(Edmond de Goncourt)



Tram (Federico Tramonte), class of ‘82, from the Veneto region. He works as a web developer by day and an illustrator by night. He first approached the world of comic strips via webcomics, drawing the series Giast, of which (luckily) no trace now remains online. Since 2011 he has formed part of the Dr. Ink collective, with which he has collaborated on the production of such volumes as Come crescere un robottone felice (as an illustrator) and Deus Ex Libro (in the two-fold role as writer and illustrator). At the same time, as part of the Tram’s lab project, he draws onto post-its (currently almost 250) which he then publishes on his Tumblr page (tramslab.tumblr. com), along with a ‘post-it story’ no more than a few lines long.