Francesca Mora

Bruno Cattani, Playing Dreams, 2012, Galleria civica di Modena

Thanks to the donations of artists, galleries, collectors and thanks to our own public, who take part actively with their voluntary offerings made at the entrance to the exhibition spaces, the Galleria Civica di Modena continues with its acquisition campaign, thereby broadening the collections of the city museum.

Through legacies, acquisitions and loans, originating largely from the exhibitions, over only the last three years, almost 500 paper-based works have made their way into the collection, by classic 20th-century artists as well as by more contemporary artists. Names include drawings by Arcangelo, Aldo Bandinelli, Vittorio Corsini, Gianfranco Ferroni, Helga Franza, Josep Ginestar, Mario Giovanardi, Abel Herrero, Giuseppe Maraniello, Roberto Paci Dalò, Nakis Panayotidis, Moe Yoshida; as regards photography, Bruno Cattani, Mario Cresci, Franco Fontana (whose collaboration continues to add a great number of images to the collection), Mimmo Jodice, Silvia Lelli, Anna Malagrida, Roberto Masotti, Karin Szekessy, Davide Tranchina and Diego Zuelli.

With the aim of raising public awareness of the results of this ongoing campaign, from January 2015 the Galleria Civica will present a brief cycle of shows dedicated to the new acquisitions: focusing firstly on drawing and graphic art, and then on photography. The contents of the first event are in fact outlined in this issue by Mauro Bini, founder of the publishing house ‘Il Bulino Edizioni d’Arte’ and consultant of the Associazione per la diffusione dell’opera artistica of Modena, of which a selection of the 114 engravings donated in 2013 will be featured in the show.